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The process of hiring and getting employed has never been more accessible thanks to our platform. Our platform allow companies or job seekers to efficiently browse through our database of companies and individuals who are actively searching for occupations or labour force

About Implato

Our company is founded in Stockholm, Sweden. It was created by two highly driven and ambitious students. Our goal and vision for the future is to reduce the unemployment rate around the world as well as increasing the level of equality in the labour market. We wish for individuals to be judged by their abilities and experiences rather than gender, ethnicity or background. When applying for any occupation and the difficulties surrounding its complex process. We firmly believe that we have discovered the solutions for it. We at Implato wish to provide companies through our platform, an efficient way of hiring employees and advertising different occupations. As well as providing the unemployed a fair and efficient way towards their new profession..

Implato Certificate

After you have become a member of Implato and begun using our services, your business will have access to one of the most meaningful certificates on the labor market, the Implato Certificate.

The Implato Certificate is a testament to your company’s commitment to equal opportunity employment and fairness in the workplace. It is a clear announcement to your competitors and potential employees that your company takes an active role in supporting all forms of social justice and is a leader in the fight towards a discrimination free workplace.

In addition, you can use your Implato Certificate for all of your job vacancies whether they are advertised via the Implato website or elsewhere.

What is working process

How It Works

Search Job

Search for all kinds of jobs being published on our platform. Create your own profile and fill it in with all relevant information such as, personal letter, skills, education, experiences and other qualifications

Find Job

Find the job that suits you and your requirements best, quickly and easily

Apply for Job

As companies will be able to publish their job ads, You will at the same time be able to apply for all the jobs that are being published.

Post a Job

Publish all jobs that your company can offer, easily and quickly.

Interviews Employees

Interviews will eventually be available on the platform

Hire jobseekers

Find the one that suits you best for the job that your company offers, according to your wishes and requirements

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